10 Reasons why Australians should visit NZ

Aussie and NZ are frenemies. Best friends when we need each other, but if there’s cricket, rugby or the Aussies are trying to say they invented pavlova, the rivalry is real.

While Kiwis haven’t forgiven Australia for the underarm bowling incident of 1981, we fought in the trenches in wars together, we are united in our passion for beating South Africa in the rugby or India in the cricket, and we like each other, mostly. To truly test that trans-Tasman love, pop over the ditch. There is 10 reason why Australian should visit New Zealand.

  • We want to throw you off a bridge

Or send you down a zip line, or take you on an extreme jet boat ride, or white water rafting. Kiwis love extreme sports, which is why we invented bungy jumping. While the original jump in Queenstown is still the best in the world, we are also quite happy to throw you off the Sky Tower in Auckland.

But there are things to do in every town that will set your heart hammering. In Rotorua, you have Canopy Tours, where you walk in the treetops, 12m above the ground and then take three thrilling ziplines to get to the end. In Christchurch, there’s the mountain bike park where you take a chairlift up, so it’s all pure downhill thrill.

  • NZ is compact

Not to tell you something you don’t already know, but Australia is a big piece of dirt. In fact, you can fit almost 30 NZ’s into Australia. This is amazing when you’re travelling around because you literally go from a wild rugged coastline, through lush rainforest, dry rocky desert and then a beautiful lakes district with the Southern Alps looming overhead all within in hours. You’d take days to see all of that anywhere else in the world.

  • Kiwis are laid back

We know that Aussies have a reputation for being laid-back too, but we double that cruisy attitude. It makes us pretty easy to get along with and we will have a yarn with almost anyone. We really are your neighbours- it’s like a home just across the Tasman.

  • We have a variety of weather

While in Australia it just seems to be a variety of hot, hotter and hottest, NZ has seasons. Often, you’ll have four seasons in one day (which is also a song by Crowded House who are definitely not an Australian band).

While the predictability and ease of living in a warm climate can’t be appreciated enough, more Aussies come to NZ in winter than any other season—apparently, you like our ski-fields. But remember the gorgeous autumnal colours of Central Otago, the subtropical heat of the far North, the riot of blossom in Hagley Park in Christchurch during spring.

  • Nothing is actively out to kill you

While we do have a rare, shy, tiny redback spider, there’s nothing else that is a killer. No snakes, no giant spiders, no drop bears, no box jellyfish. Just a bunch of birds and some fluffy rabbits and possums.

  • Our sauvignon blanc is the best the world

We admit we love the big bold Aussie red wines, and we can’t compete with a Shiraz from the Barossa Valley. However, we do have some excellent whites. In particular, our sauv’s are the best in the world. They are fantastic in the warm summer months—imagine a perfectly chilled glass of sauvignon blanc while watching the sun go down over some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Which brings us to our next point…

  • NZ is gorgeous

While we don’t have the white sandy beaches, amazing surfing and beach weather that Australia does, we do have some pretty incredible scenery. Lake Tekapo and Pukaki in the central South Island have mineral deposits which result in the most startling blue colour. Rotorua in the North Island is geothermically active, with boiling mud pools and exploding geysers. We have craggy mountains, crystal clear lakes, huge caves that are millions of years in the making, and rugged coastlines with dolphins, whales and sea lions.

We do have great surfing too, notably at Raglan or St Clair, but you’ll need a full wetsuit in winter.

  • Hobbits

NZ is the home of the Lord of the Rings. You can visit Hobbiton, have a drink at the Green Dragon Inn, and also visit some of the iconic sites that the LOTR movies made famous. You can easily access Tongariro (Mordor), Putangirua Pinnacles (The paths of the dead) and Mount Sunday (Edoras).

  • Same, same but different

NZ and Australia have more in common than not. This means that holidays are easy- food is the same, accent similar, and driving rules are mostly the same (we don’t have hook turns, thankfully). You can eat the best fish and chips in the world (not feesh and cheeps), some great pies, and our salmon, beef and lamb are delicious and tender. We are comfortably similar, but you still know you’re not at home.

  • We are just a few hours away

We are just a hop, skip and a jump away. From the east coast of Australia, NZ is just three or four hours of flying away—that’s just enough time to watch a movie on the plane and have a beer.

Come over and see us! Whether you’re wanting to go skiing in winter, seeking out a cooler summer, or chasing down some hair-raising adventures, NZ has it all. We are just next door, and we’d love to see you… and throw you off a bridge or send you flying down a zip line. We’ve forgiven you for that underarm bowl, truly.

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