TripMIA (Made In Australia) Travel & Tours Pty Ltd is a recognised travel and tourism industry partner and Online Travel Agency (OTA) in Australia. TripMIA’s journey started two years ago when businesses of all sizes were grappling with information security and data privacy regulations, the rise of increasingly sophisticated fraud and the high risk of losing customers through frustrating, time-consuming and manual ticketing experiences.

The Australian Government has recently directed its agencies to digitise 80 per cent of all public and community services by 2020. As governments digitise their services, there’s potential to realise many billions of dollars in economic value simply by digitising the online travel experience of Australian consumers. Today customer expects a new and secure travel solution that reduces the cost of service improves the traveller’s holiday and travel experience and reduces the risk and cost of fraud.

TripMIA Travel & Tours, a Sydney-based company, has built an online travel platform for Australians, keeping the highest standards of information security and data privacy as one of its key objectives. The TripMIA platform was also developed, keeping employment opportunities in regional Australia. By developing and releasing a ‘Sub-Agent’ module, a person living in regional and remote Australia can sell tours, tickets or can be a local guide to tourists visiting Australia.

“Supported by the international Sabre Travel network, interest in our online technology platform has been overwhelming,” said TripMIA’s founder Mr Dev Tripathi. TripMIA will enhance confidence in the Australian market by providing secure online technologies with a strong focus on customer service.

TripMIA has developed an online graphical management tool for the creation of online bookings, and a flight calendar provides an overview of fares from 200 different airlines to help consumers find the cheapest flights and enjoy the lowest cost travel.

With TripMIA’s online fares “What you see is what you get” said Mr Brad Rilatt TripMIA’s National Marketing Director. “Our prices do not change when you press the submit button.” Apart from airline tickets, TripMIA also offers global tours and holidays, global car hire, holiday and tour activities in Australia and New Zealand, travel ‘Hot Deals’ and online travel insurance.

About TripMIA

We describe ourselves as a leading innovative and highly efficient online travel technology provider. TripMIA has an experienced management team with in-depth knowledge of Asia Pacific regions travel needs. Enabled by our proprietary technology for identity verification and fraud prevention, we are actively and significantly reducing identity fraud in the travel industry. TripMIA is an Australian-owned company based in Sydney.

Dev Tripathi Founder Tripmia Travel and Tours

TripMIA founder and CEO Mr Dev Tripathi is a highly experienced cyber-security consultant and has consulted Australian Federal and State government agencies on Cybersecurity. He has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications, banking, and managed services. TripMIA is his second start-up in the last two years. After launching Auth N Tick Identity Verification Services Pty Ltd, a Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that offers online national police check and identity verification using revolutionary technology, while leading the way for Australian consumers to reduce identity fraud.

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