Cookies Policy

Cookies are small data files that are downloaded from our web servers and stored on your hard drive.

A cookie is a string of letters and numbers that uniquely identify the computer you are using and the Username and password you may have used to register at the site.

Two types of cookies are used on the Tripmia Travels and Tours site.

The first tracks a visitor’s journey through our site and allows us to see at a glance which pages and information are of most interest to visitors. This type of cookie contains no personal information at all; it is simply a record of your journey through the site.

The second type of cookie exists only for the actual time you are logged on. These cookies ensure greater security for you by authenticating and identifying whether you are registered for the secure areas of the site - without the need for you to re-enter information.

Most browsers can be configured to refuse to accept cookies. You can also delete cookies from your hard drive. However, doing so may hinder your access to valuable areas of information within our site.